Services Offered

Beauchamp & Associates, Inc., will provide the following services.

  • Timely file all necessary valuation appeals to the appropriate Appraisal District.
  • Advise you on the most effective strategy to minimize your tax cost.
  • Identify and take advantage of all relevant appraisal methods and techniques to reduce appraised values. Such as:
  • Utilize all techniques to analyze real property values, i.e. Cost, Market Data and Income approaches to value.
  • Review market trends that may affect a specific type ofproperty in a given area.
  • Research county appraisal records for uniformity and equality relevant to your property.
  • Negotiate at all levels with the Appraisal District staff to secure the absolute lowest possible value.
  • Receive and review notices of valuation changes (Notices of Valuation, Appraisal Notices, etc.) and interact with you on necessary actions.
  • Prepare and file pertinent documents with the appropriate Appraisal District.
  • Prepare and maintain files in our office, for your records as to the estimated assessed value of your property.
  • Informally negotiate with taxing officials and/or appraisers on protested properties.
  • When necessary, present properties in formal hearings before the Appraisal Review Board.
  • Provide assistance as requested in any and all property tax matters that client may have.

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