Service Agreement

  • The undersigned owner or authorized agent of the owner (“Owner”) hereby retains Beauchamp & Associates to represent Owner for property tax matters on the Owner’s Real property listed below.
  • Fee Agreement

    If a property tax savings results from the efforts of Beauchamp & Associates , Owner agrees to pay a commission in the amount of 33% of any and all tax savings for all properties. Tax savings is defined as the difference between the Initial Proposed Appraised Value and the Final Appraised Value times the previous year’s tax rate. This agreement is for the tax year 2021 and shall remain in effect for subsequent years unless revoked in writing with 30 days notice. All fees are due upon receipt of invoice and become delinquent after 30 days and are subject to collection costs and interest rate of 1.5% per month on the unpaid balance.


    Beauchamp & Associates, Inc. has authority to execute Notices of Protest & Appointment of Agent form 50-162, represent the account before the appraisal district/ARB. Beauchamp & Associates, Inc. does not make any guaranty as to appeal results. It is the responsibility of the Owner to respond timely to all requests for information. No warranties are claimed or implied and Beauchamp & Associates, Inc. liability for any action or inactions is limited to the amount of fee paid under this agreement.

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